#PressRelease: Re: Seizure of Truck for Illegal Wood Smuggling by Task Force: Falsehood Orchestrated and Spread by Mischief Makers

It has come to our notice about a certain post on social media by one Ahonsi Louis Kaydees with regards to the issue of a truck rumoured to have been destroyed by our respected Prof. Julius Ihonvbere.

While the statement is not only false and baseless, it is also key that we throw some good insight on the issues for public notice and consumption.

The above truck was involved in an illegal deforestation act which is against the state government policies and was, therefore, impounded by the relevant authorities (task force) of the state government. The said owner of the truck reached out to Prof. Julius Ihonvbere to help in securing the release of the truck and to avert every necessary punishment as required by law for his unlawful activities.

Prof. Julius Ihonvbere, out of love, assisted and did all he could to ensure the truck was released by following due process. He assisted the said perpetrator in all areas as specified by law to ensure the release of the truck even when he knew not the perpetrator, but for the fact that he (perpetrator) is from Owan.

Thenceforth, he made it a routine to always ask Prof. Ihonvbere for money which he claimed was meant for the release of the truck. After several successes of this act of collecting money from Prof., it was discovered that he was not using the money collected to secure the truck’s release.

Public, please, take note that Prof. Julius Ihonvbere, being a respected Owan son cannot and will never get himself involved in illegality or criminal activities as peddled around by the truck owner. Prof. Julius Ihonvbere, to the best of his ability, has maintained an upstanding image which can be attested to by all.

Prof. Julius Ihonvbere as Secretary to the State Government (SSG) back then had no power to regulate/control the activities of the ministry in charge of forestry activities and could not have been tied to the issue of truck seizure.

Its is key at this point to ask the perpetrator of such criminal act some salient questions as follows:

– How did Prof. Julius Ihonvbere destroy your truck?;

– Was Prof Julius Ihonvbere as SSG back then in charge of the task force that seized your truck used for the illicit and criminal activities?; and

– Why was this complain not made back then, but kept till now?

While it is obvious that it is a sponsored post to tarnish the first-rate image of Prof. Julius Ihonvbere by his political opponents who are desperate and unfortunate individuals in our politics, it is appropriate that we keep the public abreast with nothing but the truth about this falsehood.

We are proud to say that Prof. remains the most competent and experienced man with the capacity to give us quality representation in Owan Federal Constituency and as such cannot be distracted by any form of fabricated stories.

Prof., however, has vowed never to be deterred by the nefarious activities of his detractors as he remains committed to bring massive dividends of democracy to Owan people.



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