The origin of the Aba Cultural Festival is almost lost to memory due to lack of historical records. It is originally a celebration of victory by the hunters over the initial settlers of the land now known and described as Igarra-Etuno. That is why most of the songs are the original hunters’ songs of victory. The celebration of Aba festival in Igarra marks the commencement of Irepa/Azebani title ceremony. And it takes place every seven lunar or six global calendar years and usually on the third day after the ENU... Read More home page pix THE BEAUTIFUL PLACE CALLED IGARRA ‘Etuno’, Igarra is unique in many respects.


The language ‘Etuno’ Igarra dialect is a lone voice in Akoko-Edo Local Government Area, and infact the entire Edo State. It is similar to what is spoken in Ebiraland, Kotonkarffe, Toto, Abaji, Igala land and Wukari in Taraba State. Over a thousand Rocks/Stones species are found in the area without clear explanation of their origin and this phenomenon is unique in itself. For this reason, it now acts as a study centre for students of Geology and Geography in Nigerian Universities across the country for their practical or field research… Read More ABA drum THE HISTORIC ABA DRUM The Aba drum is the symbolic drum beaten during every celebration of the Aba festival. Although the Aba drum and Irapa are always kept in the custody of the oldest man in ‘Abara’ Onubeji House of Eziakuta Opoporiku Family but every ‘Opoporiku’ man has free access and have the right to beat the drum in every Aba Cultural Festival Day.

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